The Sierra Geral Range

Serra Geral, 2016, graphite on paper, 140x100cm.

In Southern Brazil, the Sierra Geral Range defines a vast set of undulating plateaus where our most extensive and remaining araucaria forests are located, in some of the oldest landscapes on the planet, with remnants of the Cenozoic era. These are the landscapes of my childhood that I revisited, after so long, in the set of works that I started four years ago and that took me to the other araucaria plateaus in Chile and Argentina. Here, in this work consisting of two contiguous sheets of paper, I trace, between observation, memory and imagination, a landscape interpolated between the promontories of the Sierra, the wavy fields and the araucaria forests, in which I extend the horizon successively upwards, to spread the narrative context of the landscape, a resource of graphic representation familiar to Eastern art, but also poetically used in the art of the Siena School, between the 13th and the 14th centuries in the Italian Renaissance Trecento, adapting the fantastic narrative of the International Ghotic to a naturalism of greater observation and meditation.

Francisco Faria