Learning from another quarantine

Large Mobile, 2011, graphite on paper, 150x180cm.

I started the Mobile series right after an illness that kept me without seeing for nearly 8 months. During this time I thought continuously of some landscapes I’ve seen 1 year before, in some remote places of the Paranaguá Bay. And I found that my attention was driven to some features of the landscape, not the whole panorama. Still I got a general idea of the panorama that linked those observed spots all together in my memory. When I returned to my drawings I started to render these landscapes that persisted in my memory, but drawing the remembered spots only. The drawings were a disconnected panorama of 4, maybe 5 loose and separate spots on the paper. The work was to harmoniously reset the whole panorama linking these “mobile” spots. Memory and invention working and balancing themselves.

Francisco Faria